Czech Radio Pohoda Starts Its Broadcasting

4. říjen 2021

On Friday, October 1 the digital station Czech Radio Pohoda (meaning Relax) intended not only for the elderly listeners started broadcasting.

The new station offers the best of Czech Radio’s production, using archive programmes of the regional stations and the Dvojka station. Actors Dana Syslová and Tomáš Töpfer gave their voices to the station.

Czech Radio Pohoda offers stories of prominent personalities, interviews with interesting guests, episodic readings, radio plays, entertainment programmes, popular science magazines and music evergreens of the 50s, 60s and 70s. The broadcasting will also include news service and weather forecasts.

Intended not only for old-timers, the station can be listened to through DAB+, the Internet, the mujRozhlas mobile app or the DVB-T2 television network. “Through the launch of the new station, Czech Radio contributes to further development of the DAB+ digital broadcasting. I believe the station will make a nice present to our most devoted listeners and that it will reach also new audience through its programmes,” says René Zavoral, Director General of Czech Radio.

An integral part of the station’s schedule is live broadcasting. From Monday to Friday between 8 and 9 AM there will be live morning show Pohodové ráno (“Relaxed Morning”) to help the listeners kick-start their day. At 11 AM on weekdays, there will be live magazine of curiosities from home and from abroad titled Kolotoč (“Merry-Go-Round”). Other programmes with live contact with the listeners include Písničky od srdce („Songs from the Heart“) and Noční linka („Night Line“). “Czech Radio Pohoda is primarily intended for our most senior and devoted listeners who hold traditional values and spend most of their time at home. The station should let them feel in a good company, be calm and relaxed and have a good mood, evoking positive life memories,” says Jan Menger, Regional Service Director who is responsible for the station.

Combining live broadcasting and programmes from the archive, the Pohoda station features presenters Václav Žmolík, Tomáš Voženílek, Václav Kuba, Lukáš Bárczay, Jana Chládková, Martina Hynková Vrbová and Jitka Lukešová.

Here are some of the shows and programme series of Czech Radio Pohoda:

  • Tandem Jana Rosáka (“Jan Rosák’s Tandem”) – on weekdays at 9 AM
  • Okouzlení slovem (“Enchanted by Words”) – a poetical programme on our language featuring Luděk Munzar and František Novotný – on Tuesdays at 10 AM
  • A léta běží, vážení… (“The Years Are Flying By, My Dear”) – on Fridays at 10:00 AM
  • Meteor – a pop-science and technology magazine – on Sundays at 10 AM
  • Episodic readings – on weekdays at noon
  • Radio plays – on Sundays at noon
  • Radio fairy-tale – on Saturdays at noon
  • Programmes full of traditional brass-band and folks music – every day at 1 PM
  • Nostalgické muzeum Ondřeje Suchého (“Ondřej Suchý’s Nostalgic Museum”) – on Mondays at 2 PM
  • (Ne)vinný dotazník Radka Brzobohatého (“IntertWined Interviews with Radek Brzobohatý”) – on Thursdays at 2 PM
  • Tobogan s Tomášem Slámou (“Toboggan with Tomáš Sláma”) – on Saturdays at 2 PM
  • Music programmes featuring popular and country music – every day at 3 PM
  • Toulky českou minulostí (“Rambles Through Czech History”) – on weekdays at 4 PM
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