Czech Radio has prepared Audiodictionary and fairy tales for Ukrainians

19. duben 2022

Czech Radio has extended the content of its audio portal and mujRozhlas mobile app to launch new formats for Ukrainian refugees. A comprehensive and specially customized sub-site offers practical Ukrainian-Czech Audiodictionary with lessons for both children and adults, helping them to learn basic Czech phrases. They can also listen to fairy tales written by Czech authors such as Ondřej Neff, Petr Stančík or Kateřina Šardická in their native Ukrainian language.

“Since the outbreak of the war Czech Radio has strived to do the utmost for Ukrainians. We’ve been continually extending our service for Ukrainians in the Czech Republic. Our mujRozhlas audio portal offers useful content, such as the Audiodictionary, so far the most listened to tool to facilitate refugees’ communication in a new environment. The fairy tales in Ukrainian have also gained great popularity, including a popular Ukrainian tale The Cheeky Goat, narrated and recorded for Czech Radio by Olga Perebyjnis, the wife of the Ukrainian Ambassador to the Czech Republic. At the same time, we feel it is extremely important to provide Ukrainian citizens in our republic with updated information from their homeland, and thus, we keep on providing continuous broadcasting of the Ukrainian Radio both on our website and in the classic DAB+ and DVB-T2 networks,” said the Czech Radio Director General René Zavoral.

On Friday 8 April at 3:30 pm Radio Junior plans to broadcast the premiere of the award-winning Ukrainian fairy tale How War Changed Rondo. The story is set in a flourishing town of Rondo, inhabited by fragile beings made of glass, paper and inflatable balloons until War arrives to town. The story narrated by Jan Cina seeks to explain to children what a war is all about. Radio Junior is going to broadcast the re-run of the fairy tale at the weekend at 11 am and 6 pm. On Monday 11 April at 3:30 pm it is going to be followed by a themed afternoon programme. Both Czech and Ukrainian version of the tale will be available for listening on the Radio Junior website starting at 4 pm.

It is also going to be available in Ukrainian on the special sub-site of the mujRozhlas audio portal, together with fairy tales by Czech authors – Princové a zlý drak (Princes and the Evil Dragon) by Ondřej Neff, Proč mají houby jen jednu nohu (Why Do Mushrooms Have Only One Leg) by Petr Stančík and Ptáčátko (The Little Bird) by Kateřina Šardická.

Czech Radio Radiožurnál and Plus newly broadcast news in Ukrainian. A four-minute service reports on current affairs in the Czech Republic and in Ukraine and offers Ukrainians settling in the Czech Republic practical advice, recommendations as well as stories of refugees. The news service regularly follows usual news at 6:30 pm and is available also in mujRozhlas app and on the website.

Every week the mujRozhlas audio portal brings practical information for Ukrainian refugees in the Czech Republic in a Czech Radio podcast News for Ukrainians, provided by Radio Prague International.

In March Czech Radio held a successful benefit concert in Rudolfinum concert hall featuring Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra in support of Ukraine. The event raised the total of CZK 2,900,709 to contribute to the collection organised by the NGO People in Need to support Ukraine.

Czech Radio has been in continuous contact with colleagues from the Ukrainian public broadcasting corporation UA:PBC. In March, it responded to their request and delivered technical equipment and material to Ukraine. This gift will make it possible to set up makeshift Ukrainian Radio studios in case Russian troops seize or destroy the current broadcasting centres. Recently the UA:PBC plans to launch a new Culture channel for which it seeks to procure Ukrainian broadcasting content for children. Czech Radio will provide the Ukrainian public broadcasting corporation with fairy-tales in Ukrainian recorded for the mujRozhlas audio portal.

Czech Radio has been constantly preparing additional content in Czech and Ukrainian with information related to the current situation and reporting on the coexistence of Czechs and Ukrainians. All the formats for Ukrainians are available on the special sub-site

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