Czech Radio Cements its Leadership in On-Demand Audio

12. listopad 2020

In October, Czech Radio had record-high audience ratings of on-demand programmes and podcasts. On the Czech Radio and third party platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcast and Google Podcast, the users have listened to over 4 million audios. Video editions of public affairs programmes marked another almost 2.5 million unique views on YouTube.

In October, the most successful podcast was Vinohradská 12 (which is the street number of the Czech Radio building), followed by the interview series Host Lucie Výborné (Lucie Výborná’s Guest) and the programme Blízká setkání (Close Encounters). Literature and drama programmes such as serial reading continue to be generally the most sought-after audios and Czech Radio Vltava started to offer a new programme of this kind, Četba s hvězdičkou (Reading with an Asterisk).


“There is a significant long-term growth in the consumption of on-demand audio on the internet, which has become an important part of the Czech Radio content consumption next to live streaming. In October we saw an 89% growth compared to last year and thanks to the mujRozhlas audio portal, Czech Radio cemented its leadership position in the Czech Republic in this field,” says René Zavoral, Director General of Czech Radio.


Also in October, Czech Radio launched new podcast series. One of them is Moje Terapie 2 (My Therapy 2), which is a follow-up to the last-year’s most successful series of the Czech Radio station for youth – Radio Wave. In six audio documents, it tells the story of people who benefited from psychotherapy. It also offers an insight into the relationship between the client and the psychotherapist, which is analysed together with the therapeutic methods by experts in accompanying interviews.


Poslechovost on-demand audií Českého rozhlasu

Czech Radio Plus launched series titled Eseje o stavu světa (Essays on the State of the World) from leading world thinkers. Reflecting on major topics of the society in 2020, the essays have been created for the New York Times World Review 2020 and Czech Radio has obtained exclusive rights from the New York Times to use them. Very successful was also the new podcast true-crime series Kriminálka (The Criminal Investigation Department), which ranked among the top ten most popular programmes of Czech Radio.

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