The Blind Fan Project at the 2023 Biathlon World Cup

21. březen 2023

The joint Blind Fan Project of Radiožurnál and the Czech Radio Foundation woke up from its winter slumber and organized its first event of 2023. This time, the project made its way to Nové Město na Moravě for the Biathlon World Cup.

On Friday 3 March, nine visually-impaired fans and athletes, accompanied by their escorts and representatives of Světluška – aka Firefly, the Czech Radio Foundation project providing support for the blind and visually/impaired – were invited to the very centre of the biathlon races, to experience at incredible atmosphere in-person. Through special audio commentary for the blind by Jan Kodet, moderator and sports reporter for Czech Radio Radiožurnál Sport, these fans were able to witness what was happening in real time. Kodet’s precise and enthusiastic descriptions made for an unforgettable experience.

Experience the one-of-a-kind event for yourselves:

"Commentator Jan Kodet took the fans to the shooting range and commented on every moment of the action. He gave detailed descriptions of the fans in the stands, the commentators' stations of the Czech and foreign media, the depot for the athletes…. It would be a shame to watch a biathlon with such a great atmosphere just from the couch – for me, it is so important that the fans can experience the place, the atmosphere and the energy. And with the commentary right in your ear, you aren’t alone, you aren’t lost in the action or out of place and not knowing what's going on around you," remarks Svetluška director Gábina Drastichová with praise.

Thanks for the unique experience is also due to the Czech Biathlon Association, which resposnsible for the professional organization of the event and making sure the experience of the biathlon town can be shared by everyone.

The Blind Fan project has long made sports and cultural activities such as sports matches, concerts and theatre performances accessible to the visually-impaired. This special Czech Radio project looks forward to future events and will infuse them with the same enthusiasm as seen below!

Sportovní reportér Jan Kodet (vpravo) komentoval biatlon pro nevidomé fanoušky
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