Artificial Intelligence Writes Stories for Czech Radio. The Launch of the Digital Writer Project

15. prosinec 2020

In a mobile app on the website, it is now possible to listen to a unique series of stories written by Artificial Intelligence. The Digital Writer project offers five stories – a sci-fi story, a horror story, a love story, a detective story and a historical novel. Generated by language GPT 2 and 3 model, the texts are read by top Czech actors.

The Digital Writer project was prepared, among others, by an AI expert, Jan Tyl. “For generating stories we use huge neural networks based on the transformer architecture. They work similarly to smart keyboard on your phone, which tries to predict the next word you will type. But these networks are incomparably larger and specially designed for generating stories practically of any genre,” describes he.

The stories have been generated also with the contribution of Dita Malečková, a philosopher and teacher. “For me, the neural network is a pathfinder in the space of language: it is a tool that allows us to explore not only the possibilities of the literature of the future, but also how we, the humans, try to make sense of information and how we create stories form clouds of information,” explains she. 

The stories by the Digital Writer are voiced by famous Czech actors Matěj Hádek, Tereza Hofová, Jan Cina, Petra Bučková and Filip Kaňkovský.

“I’m very happy that for this experimental project we have managed to engage such prominent actors. I believe the combination of texts generated by Artificial Intelligence on the one hand, and the excellent acting performance on the other, gave a really good result which is worth listening to,” says Anna Vošalíková, Chief Producer of mujRozhlas.

The Digital Writer project can be listened to exclusively on the audio portal.

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