Piano solo - Martin Kratochvíl

Martin Kratochvíl – Piano solo

What you are holding in your hands is an album of twelve compositions in the form of both sheet music and a CD featuring the author's performances of the music.The main criterion was that the form of the piece should be simple, just like the form of any jazz standard or evergreen. Before you get started and first tones come out of your piano, try reading the few lines by Martin Kratochvíl that should work as a "user's manual" or a "cookbook" to help you prepare music for consummation.

The sheet music is a mere approximation; to get to the substance of the music, you have to get to know it and grasp it yourself. Don't get distressed by the seemingly difficult rhythm and harmony. It is a good idea to start by listening to the CD and reading the music at the same time. The sheet music is intended to help the "prima vista" readers as much as possible. In stark contrast with the academically correct notation rules, the notation is intentionally simplified; it uses incorrect enharmonic substitutions in chord symbols, and is full with other atrocities in order for the musician to be enabled to read less and play more.

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