Three Pieces for Clarinet and Piano - Zdeněk Šesták

Tři kusy pro klarinet a klavír - Zdeněk Šesták

“As a composer, I am very close to woodwind instruments for the simple reason that I have played the flute as well as the piano and the organ since high school. Both playing the second flute in Louny Philharmonics and an army ensemble in Slaný during the compulsory military service was important for my artistic development. Not only for my later symphonic compositions but also for understanding instruments in chamber ensembles.

Among the compositions for woodwind instruments, Musica Tripartita for Solo Clarinet is especially important. The composition originated in my mind on the fateful 21 August 1968. For that reason, the sad introductory movement is marked  = 68 as an allusion and is followed by music full of indignation, or even scream. For two solo clarinets (in B-flat and in A), I composed Sonata (1967) of a considerable virtuosity and unexpected consonance density that unprecedentedly manifested itself at its premiere in Rudolfinum in Prague, a concert hall with optimal acoustics. Professor Alois Hába was captivated by the composition then and when discussing it, he confirmed the importance of consonance density as an important structural and stylistic element.

Three Pieces for Clarinet and Piano continue to express my admiration for clarinet as an instrument capable of both exceptional virtuosity and deep contemplation.”

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