Hana Hikelova Appointed Director of Czech Radio's News Stations


The Czech Radio Council today discussed and accepted a proposal from Czech Radio's General Manager, Vaclav Kasik, to appoint Hana Hikelova as the Director of News Stations of Czech Radio. Vaclav Kasik is expected to officially appoint her to the newly created position, in the coming days.

As Director of News Stations, she will be responsible for setting the long-term priorities of Czech Radio's news coverage (both radio and on-line); and maintaining the high standard of reporting of the domestic, foreign, economic, cultural and sports news. Hana Hikelova will also manage the news-orientated stations, Czech Radio 1 - Radiozurnal and Radio Cesko. Her other responsibilities include budget, HR, operations, marketing and PR.

As Director of News Stations, she will supervise the coordination of regional news coverage, and manage Czech Radio's network of foreign correspondents who are appointed by the General Manager.

The aim of this organisational change is to improve coordination within Czech Radio's news coverage and reporting.

--------- Hana Hikelova (*1973, Moravska Trebova) joined Czech Radio in 1999. Before that, she worked for five years in the news department of Brno-based private radio station Radio Krokodyl. Until July 2000, she worked as a reporter for Czech Radio Brno. From then, she was the head of the Domestic News Department of Czech Radio 1 - Radiozurnal, until June 2006. In January 2005, she was made responsible for preparing the launch of Radio Cesko, a new digital news station. Then in June 2006, she was appointed the Editor-in-Chief of this station.

Hikelova graduated with a degree in Journalism from the Philosophical Faculty of Palacky University in Olomouc. She did not finish her German or Italian studies at Philosophical Faculty of Masaryk University in Brno. She worked as an intern in the Italian and German media. She is fluent in Italian, German and Russian and also speaks reasonable English.

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