5/18 PRAGUE - the start of regular broadcasting from a tent at Kbely (Czechoslovakia is only the second country after Britain, to broadcast regularly in Europe) 

8/1 the first sports broadcast, which is boxing from Letná
9/1 BRNO - the start of studio broadcasting from the city 

1/28 the first Czech broadcasting station begins operating in Prague neighbourhood Staré Strašnice
2/12 the first live opera broadcast (which is Smetana´s "The Two Widows" National Theatre in Prague)
10/28 the first live broadcast of a presidential address 

Agricultural Radio begins regular broadcasting, the first specialised radio broadcast in Europe 

4/1 the time signal is introduced
10/1 Foundation of the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra
10/23 BRATISLAVA - the start of studio broadcasting from the city 

10/26 the first international opera broadcast (from the Opera Comique in Paris - "The Bartered Bride") 

7/1 MORAVSKÁ OSTRAVA - the start of studio broadcasting from the city 

9/8 the first transoceanic broadcast, from New York
10/9 the first broadcast from a wax cylinder recording 

12/10 Ceremonial opening of the new Czechoslovak Radio building in Fochova třída (now Vinohradská Street 12, in Prague Vinohrady), which is still the institution´s headquarters 

the foundation of the Disman Children´s Radio Ensemble 

8/31 RADIO PRAHA begins broadcasting abroad 


5/5 the Prague Uprising begins with radio appeals for help May - Czechoslovak Radio begins broadcasting a second station, originally named PRAHA II > then Československo > then Hvězda (after 1968) > again Československo (after 1989) > afterwards ČRo 1 - RADIOŽURNÁL (1993) end of - PLZEŇ and ČESKÉ BUDĚJOVICE - start of studio broadcasting from these cities year - HRADEC KRÁLOVÉ and ÚSTÍ n/L - start of studio broadcasting from these cities 

8/1 the start of television broadcasting (TV was part of Czechoslovak Radio until 1957) 

the introduction of transmitting radio by wire 

the first VHF transmitter begins transmitting on Petřín hill in Prague 

3/1 the first stereo broadcast, jointly by Praha Radio and TV
the regional station for Prague and central Bohemia (after 91 REGINA PRAHA) begins broadcasting
Dec. a station for more demanding listeners begins broadcasting on VHF entitled ČESKOSLOVENSKO II > later VLTAVA (after 1968) 

the foundation of an international competition for young musicians called "Concertino Praga" 

the radio is an active participant in the movement for political change, broadcasting directly from public meetings and holding discussion programs
8/21 fighting at the radio leaves 15 dead 

the foundation of "Prix Bohemia Radio," a festival of original radio production 

a new law is passed - Act on Radio and TV Broadcasting, enabling the operation of private channels. The Czech National Council announces the establishment of Czech Radio as an independent public entity. 

3/31 the foundation of "Concerto Bohemia," a radio competition for young chamber orchestras 

7/1 OLOMOUC - start of studio broadcasting from the city
7/1 Czech Radio Record Company begins operating 

11/6 Czech Radio 6 / RADIO FREE EUROPE begins broadcasting 

Act No. 135/1997 is passed, increasing the radio license fees to 37 CZK and changing the amount of advertising time per day on nationwide and regional channels of Czech Radio, to 3 and 5 minutes respectively 

5/1 foundation of the website www.cro.cz 

2/11 Czech Radio opens the Ústí nad Labem branch office in Liberec
7/1 Václav Kasík is appointed the Director General of Czech Radio by the Czech Radio Board 

5/18 the ceremonial opening of new Studio Building on Římská Street
10/29 Czech Radio 7 - Radio Praha - begins also broadcasting in Russian 

8/31 65th anniversary of the first Czech Radio broadcast abroad 

3/4 Czech Radio Pardubice begins broadcasting
5/1 the launch of special broadcasts for foreigners living in the Czech Republic. Czech Radio 7 - Radio Prague - begins broadcasting programmes in English, German, Spanish, French and Russian. International broadcasting becomes part of the new set up at Czech Radio 6 (formerly Czech Radio 6/Radio Free Europe).
6/17 Czech Radio Region begins broadcasting for the region of Vysočina
9/11 30th ´Give Blood with Czech Radio´ campaign takes place
10/1 Czech broadcasts of Radio Free Europe the news/ current affairs station Czech Radio 6/ Radio Free Europe is renamed Czech Radio 6 after the withdrawal of American backing.
10/1 Czech Radio Ústí nad Labem is renamed Czech Radio Sever.
10/21 Czech Radio regional broadcasting for Central Bohemia goes under the name of Czech Radio Region, Central Bohemia (the previous name, Czech Radio Regina, is now exclusively used for Czech Radio broadcasting in the Prague metropolitan area) 

80th anniversary of the launch of regular radio broadcasting in the Czech lands 

12/14 the start of regular broadcasting from Zlín 

5/1 in conjunction with planned transition to digital broadcasting, Rádio Česko and D-dur stations, begin operating
5/30 Czech Radio Sever starts regular broadcasting for the Liberec and Jablonec region
- broadcasting of Czech Radio Leonardo begins (on the Internet since September, digital since 21 October) 

1/13 1:13 p.m. (13:13 24hr clock), sees the launch of Czech Radio 4 - Radio Wave 

7/15 the ceremonial opening of the newly reconstructed administrative part of the historical building on Vinohradská Street 12

3/1 Peter Duhan appointed as interim Director General of Czech Radio 

7/28 Peter Duhan appointed as Director General of Czech Radio
11/1 New newsroom and Radio Wave transmission complex set up 

6/14-15 EBU Radio News Conference
12/31 Launch of Czech Radio Radiožurnál newsroom 

1/1 Gustav Brom Radio Big Band engaged as one of Czech Radio’s ensembles
2/28 Broadcasting of the digital station Rádio Česko terminated
2/28 Broadcasting of CR Leonardo terminated
3/1 CR Plus begins broadcasting as a nationwide station
3/1 Broadcasting of CR Jazz launched
3/1 Broadcasting of Rádio Junior launched
3/1 Czech Radio’s new logo and new corporate identity introduced
5/18 Czech Radio celebrates 90 years of regular broadcasting 

6/21 90th anniversary of Czech Radio Brno
11/17 The ’89 Again’ gala concert on Wenceslas Square takes place – marking the 25th anniversary of the end of the totalitarian regime in Czechoslovakia (charting the events of 1989, the project involved all of Czech Radio’s stations) 

6/25-26 74th EBU General Assembly in Prague
8/7 Czech Radio launches an experimental DAB digital multiplex for Prague and its surroundings 

1/21 René Zavoral appointed as Director General of Czech Radio