Four Podcast of the Year Awards Won by Czech Radio

4. červenec 2020

Czech Radio won four awards at the Podcast of the Year Competition, and its podcasts, Vinohradská 12, Buchty (Chicks) and Host Lucie Výborné (Lucie Výborná’s Guest), dominated the category of Public Media Podcast. Vinohradská 12 also won first prize in the Expert Jury Award category.

Czech Radio’s podcasts took part in the Public Media Podcast and Expert Jury Award categories of the second annual Podcast of the Year Competition. First place in the Public Media category was taken by the podcast Vinohradská 12. Second place belongs to Ivana Veselková and Zuzana Fuksová’s entertaining talk show Buchty (Chicks) and third place was won by Czech Radio Radiožurnál’s popular programme, Host Lucie Výborné (Lucie Výborná’s Guest).

“The series of awards and especially the increasing numbers of listeners of Czech Radio’s programmes online show that the production of original podcast programmes has been the right step to take. Czech Radio has always tried to be a leader in the area of innovation as regards both technology and programmes. We are aware of the lifestyle changes in these fast modern times and we know that it is necessary to keep looking for new ways to get the content to the listeners. In the case of podcasts we have managed to do so. These awards are the best evidence of that,“ says Czech Radio’s Director General, René Zavoral

Vinohradská 12 also won the Expert Jury Award. This original Czech Radio podcast, which is available on the news server and in podcast applications, focuses on one news topic every weekday. 

“We would like to thank our listeners and the jury for awarding Vinohradská 12. It is a great honour for all our team. We are also happy to see that people are interested in audio news service and are willing to spend time listening to it on new platforms and discuss the results with us. None of that would be possible without the support of iRozhlas and Zpravodajství ČRo (Czech Radio News Service), which we want to thank very much as well. Personally, I would like to thank especially our editors, researchers and sound designers, who put a lot of effort and time into creating the podcast,“ says the presenter of Vinohradská 12, Lenka Kabrhelová.

In the previous edition of the competition, first place in the Public Media Podcast category was taken by Radio Wave’s project focused on young people’s sexual life, Zhasni! (Turn Off the Light!). The Podcast of the Year Award was received by a docuseries called Matematika zločinu (The Mathematics of Crime), which was produced in cooperation with Czech Radio.

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