Czech Radio to launch Radiožurnál Sport

2. květen 2021

On 21 May Czech Radio will launch the first specialised sports station in the Czech Republic. Radiožurnál Sport will broadcast both in the DAB+ standard and on the Internet. The digital radio station will focus on live sports broadcasts, stadium reports, magazines about professional and amateur sports, interviews, reports, news and music. The establishment of the new station was approved today by the Czech Radio Council. 

Serving as an extension for sports fans, the new digital station Radiožurnál Sport continues the 97-year-old tradition of sports broadcasting, as well as sports news and live broadcasts long valued by Czech Radio Radiožurnál listeners.

“Digitisation has long opened up opportunities to offer listeners a better public service, especially in the form of a wider programme offer. Programmes and news about sports are among the most popular items listened to in radio broadcasting, so I believe that the broadcasting of the new station Radiožurnál Sport will appeal to all sports fans and that the station will soon find its audience,” said René Zavoral, Czech Radio Director General.

Radiožurnál Sport will broadcast daily from 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 midnight, with the ČRo Radiožurnál station covering the programme in the remaining hours.

Among other things, listeners can look forward to interviews held by personalities with their guests every weekday. Mondays will be hosted by Martin Procházka, an Olympic winner from Nagano, and Tuesdays by Andrea Sestini Hlaváčková, a silver medallist in doubles from the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London. Wednesdays will belong to actors and sports fans David Novotný, Ladislav Hampl and Pavel Nečas, who will mainly take care of interviews from the football environment in the “Na place” (On the Spot) talk show. On Thursdays guests will be interviewed by two-time world champion Vavřinec Hradilek, and on Fridays by six-time Olympic medallist Kateřina Neumannová.

“There is a period extremely rich in sporting events ahead of us. Within 12 months, we will broadcast from both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games, the Ice Hockey World Championship, the European Football Championship and many other sporting events for which Czech Radio has broadcasting rights,” said Ondřej Suchan, Radiožurnál Editor-in-Chief, adding: “The establishment of a new station doesn’t mean that sport will disappear from the Radiožurnál broadcasting. Listeners will get everything they are used to on our station, and Radiožurnál Sport will be an extension for die-hard sports fans.”

Listeners can also look forward to the return of the legendary programmes “S mikrofonem za hokejem” (Watching Ice Hockey with a Microphone) and “S mikrofonem za fotbalem” (Watching Football with a Microphone), which were an integral part of Czech and Czechoslovak Radio broadcasting.

Broadcasting will put great emphasis on Paralympic sports. Radiožurnál Sport will broadcast, for example, reports from the Paralympic Games or the World Para Ice Hockey Championships, which will be hosted by the Czech Republic this year.

From the beginning of May to the end of this year, the broadcasting of the digital station Radiožurnál Sport will be supported by the #Poslouchejsport campaign, which includes online, print, outdoor and TV media. The campaign ambassadors are Karolína Plíšková, Nikola Ogrodníková, Adam Ondra, Lukáš Krpálek, Maxim Habanec and Arnošt Petráček.

More information is available on the Radiožurnál Sport website.

Watch Olympic winner Eva Samková’s invitation to listen to Radiožurnál Sport here.

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